The end is near…

It is with great sadness (we think) that we announce our final Helping Hearts challenge – in less than 2 weeks’ time we will be doing our last ever event in our Helping Hearts calendar – finishing with a bang (hopefully) at the Bristol Half Marathon on the 21st September 2014.

We want to take this opportunity to invite all of our supporters – from everyone (there’s a lot of you!) that has donated money to this cause, those that have joined us on the challenges, those that have cheered us on, and everyone who has tolerated us talking about it since last year – to come and celebrate the finale with us in Bristol. We will be reserving an area in a bar/restaurant in central Bristol after the half marathon to have some food and raise a drink to what has been a truly memorable, and special, cause to us – and to thank everyone that has been there along the way.

Details to follow, but drop us a call/email/text/facebook message/whatsapp message/pigeon carrier if you’re interested in stopping by on Sunday 21st and we’ll make sure we have a suitable sized area available

… and last chance if anyone else wants to add to the already fantastic donation tally!:

Helping Hearts 2013 logo

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