Muddy, manky and magnificent – Tough Mudder is done!

We came, we saw and, well, we got Muddered – absolutely plastered in thick goo, electrocuted in a way that it felt like our entire bodies were licking batteries, bitten by flies the size of small birds and frozen like we’d jumped into a rather brown Alpine lake, all in the spirit of “fun” and raising money for Helping Hearts…

Muddied and Muddered - challenge 11 is done!

Muddied and Muddered – challenge 11 is done!

And what a bloody brilliant day it was. The Tough Mudder in Kettering certainly lived up to its bill – 11.4 miles and 25 obstacles that required lung-busting effort, nerves of steel and muscles like Popeye. I was in trouble.

But we got through it and – whisper it very quietly – it wasn’t quite as bad as we thought. Perhaps it was because Cozzie and I had such an awesome team behind us – Frenchy, Cozzie’s old workmate, formally known as Arthur – and Den, a Helping Hearts veteran. We certainly couldn’t have done it without them – there’s no way we would have got over the Hero Walls without working together as a four (although Den’s magical go-go Gadget legs helped him spring over on his own…) and the Everest obstacle would have certainly been a little different if we didn’t have our team to help drag us up the half-pipe slope.

The final obstacle - some other poor souls braving Electroshock Therapy...

The final obstacle – some other poor souls braving Electroshock Therapy…

We started together – hauling each other over the Glory Blades walls, ducking under the icy sheep dip water of the Arctic Enema – and we finished together, hurling ourselves off the Plank before sprinting together through Electroshock Therapy to get that famous orange headband and a rather tasty pint.

It couldn’t have been a better day, and we couldn’t have had better team mates. You can read all about it soon in our full race review, and hopefully laugh at us caked in mud and getting thoroughly battered to pieces when Tough Mudder finally put their photos up on their Facebook page – we’ll let you know. And if you’re feeling rather flush, dig deep into your pockets and help gee us up for our next challenge by donating at

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