Time to get muddy… challenge 11 – Tough Mudder!

13 hours and counting, it’s time to get muddy… Helping Hearts 2013 challenge 11 is nearly upon us and Cozzie and I are getting ready to hit what could perhaps be our most difficult challenge – or at least the dirtiest: Tough Mudder. We’re off to Kettering in the morning with our longstanding Helping Hearts compatriot Den (I have a feeling that his ginger hair might be a different shade by the time we’re finished…) and Cozzie’s former workmate Frenchy, otherwise known as Arthur.

Our training for this one has been exemplary – a bag of Cadbury Buttons tonight, one run in the last five weeks and more time spent looking at chair covers and flower arrangements for our coming wedding than sessions in the gym or pool.

By all accounts there will be more crawling, hauling and falling than standing on our feet tomorrow – with obstacles on the 12-mile course having names such as “Arctic Enema”, “Killa Gorilla”, “Mud Mile” and “Electroshock Therapy” it’s going to be a long day… if we survive we’ll post some amazing photos and hopefully a tall tale of mud, mayhem and a damn good pint of beer at the end!

Our year of challenges is drawing to a close, but we’re still raising money for Southmead Hospital’s heart units, so if you haven’t already donated, feel a sudden surge of generosity or want to help families in Bristol get through heart disease, log on to justgiving.com/helpinghearts2013 and dig deep into your pockets. Thanks always.

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2 Responses to Time to get muddy… challenge 11 – Tough Mudder!

  1. Barb and Ray Cozzy says:

    You guys are amazing!! Will be thinking of you both tonight from our seats in front of the fire, drinks in hand! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a fantastic time, and hope we recognise you in the pix….like the sound of your training too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. James Pope says:

    Best of luck guys, I hear this is very tough even with a bit of training!! May the force be with you:)

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