Hitting the Wall

So, our 8th Challenge has been completed, and it certainly proved to be a challenge! In direct contrast to our last post, this did not turn out to be a leisurely walk at all – ‘painful’ and ‘slow’ would be better descriptions…

Whilst we won’t bore you with the details just yet (we’re finishing off our other very overdue challenge reports instead), there are a few lessons we took from this one:

  1. Never underestimate the impact of sleep deprivation on a long walk – it’s hard to see where you are going when you’re doing 20 miles on no sleep for 24 hours.
  2. If travelling by an overnight coach, well, don’t.  Crowded, noisy, uncomfortable and not conducive to efficient walking the next day!
  3. Pack a pair of flip flops or normal running trainers, instead of just walking boots, when a large proportion of the trail involves walking on unforgiving tarmac.
  4. Learn to pack lighter – that stuff we ‘might need’ we probably ‘won’t need’.
  5. Keep Jon Webb on speed dial 🙂
  6. And unexpectedly, maybe run, don’t walk.

Full explanations to follow in the next few weeks.

We’ve been in recovery mode today, and it has been lovely! But alas, this relaxing state won’t last long as challenge number 9, the Bristol half marathon, is just around the corner.

Over and out for now,

Cozzie and Dom


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2 Responses to Hitting the Wall

  1. Katherine says:

    Gutted! That one was supposed to be your leisurely week off wasn’t it?

  2. domandcozzie says:

    yep. Walking sounds like it should be easy, but it definitely isn’t when you’re averaging 17 miles a day over 5 consecutive days! Do we need another holiday now? Yes we do!

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