“Pain is temporary, victory is forever”

That’s what Paul Smith, a sports masseur, muttered quietly whilst inflicting pain on Dom this morning during a one hour full body sports massage.

With a few running niggles occurring recently, including a decent calf strain last week for Dom in the midst of a longer run, we decided to ‘treat’ ourselves to a sports massage today to iron out a few minor injury concerns and have a bit of a check-over before we up our running efforts ahead of both the Bristol half marathon (in 4 weeks time) and the Athens marathon in November.

As a result, we have now both been butchered by a sports masseur in the aid of sports recovery… Post massage, our muscles are tender, and quite possible a little bruised but this is apparently normal and we have been reassured that by Monday we’ll be feeling amazing!

In all seriousness, sports massages are highly recommended – they’re generally a lot of pain at the time, but the benefits afterwards are worth it. You may go in thinking you don’t have much to be worried about, but you’d be surprised at what muscle knots and pressure points exist in your body that you’re unaware of (until Paul Smith’s elbows find them!). Two hours later and Cozzies left shin, right calf, right quad and Dom’s left calf and left butt muscles are all feeling particularly tender.

We’ve walked out of there with a foam roller to start utilising to help our muscles feel happier, and we will certainly be resting and relaxing for the rest of this weekend!

If anyone needs a sports massage, we can highly recommend Paul Smith’s torture chamber at Body Logic – top guy, good sense of humour and incredibly powerful elbows and forearms for really getting to the root of all muscle weaknesses!


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