BOOM! We’re over the half way mark now…

Challenge Number 7 was completed over the weekend, which means we have officially passed the half mark! Hurrah! We’re so happy and proud (and tired), that we’re rewarding ourselves with a very low key week of exercise this week to recharge a little!

The Adidas Thunder Run was an epic weekend – and a real eye opener to the extreme levels of endurance runners that exist out there (if you thought we were crazy, there were people doing it all by themselves … and the leading solo guy ran 20 laps!!! That’s right, 200k’s in 24 hours, truly insane! You can’t help but admire and respect all those that completed it.)

Our Thunder Cats team put in a sterling effort, and between the 8 of us we got through 19 laps over the 24 hours.  During that time we witnessed all extremes of weather – from the super heat of Saturday afternoon (some people suffered heat stroke) to torrential rain, thunder and lightening over night on Saturday (we took the executive decision to stop running between about 330-7am as the course was treacherous and somewhat dangerous in the dark…) – a new running experience to say the least!

We have some awesome photos and memories from the weekend, and a detailed write-up will go up in due course.

Next up is a casual 84 mile walk across Hadrian’s wall towards the end of August, before we conquer the Bristol half marathon on the 15th September.

As always, it is the reason behind these challenges that is most important – so all additional donations to support the amazing work of the staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol would be massively appreciated – it would be FANTASTIC to go over the £2000 mark now that we’re over half way through our challenges:

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One Response to BOOM! We’re over the half way mark now…

  1. James Pope says:

    Awesome work guys 😉

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