Challenge 6 has been completed, and Challenge 7 is just around the corner!

IMG_6080This time last week we woke up in Paris, having spent three long but glorious days cycling from Bristol to Paris as our sixth challenge.  Over 400k’s of cycling is quite ambitious in 3 days but we did it, LOVED it, and are keen for more cycling holidays (albeit slightly more leisurely in nature!).  Arriving at the base of the Eiffel Tower just in time for when they switched on the lights was very satisfying way to finish challenge number 6.  (Full race report in progress at the moment – details to follow soon!)

But it’s no rest for the wicked! We’re straight on to Challenge Number 7 next weekend – the TR24 Adidas Thunder Run, a 24 hour team running race near Birmingham where 8 of us are taking turns at running a 10k cross country route. It should be a good weekend, and particularly sweaty if this summer heat remains, but it will be counter balanced by some overnight runs too! Bring it on! (We’re totally ready for it, if we can rest a little this week!)

Keep the donations coming in guys, super effort so far, now that we’re almost half way through our year of challenges for Southmead Hospital!


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2 Responses to Challenge 6 has been completed, and Challenge 7 is just around the corner!

  1. James Pope says:

    Awesome work guys only wish I could have been there with you 😉

  2. Barb and Ray Cozzy says:

    You guys are amazing, what a supreme effort to get to Paris!! Proud of you both xxooxx

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