Challenge Number 6 begins!

All being well, this is publishing itself while we’re in the early throws of Challenge Number 6 – cycling from Bristol to Paris!

The forecast is looking amazing, which has helped us pack very lightly, as we balance a few clothes, toiletries, some food and bike equipment on our bikes for the journey.   We’re looking forward to enjoying some nice scenery, albeit briefly today, as we mission 100 miles from Dom’s parents, via Southmead hospital, down to Portsmouth in time for the overnight ferry to Le Havre tonight.

Then we will be spending Thursday and Friday making our way to Paris (around 220kms) mostly following the River Seine, and trying to remember to cycle on the other side of the road!  We’re returning on Saturday evening (via train-ferry-train) so we can spend Sunday recovering with Pimm’s and chocolate, hopefully…

Thanks to everyone for the on-going support, and special thanks to TQ, Teilo, Den, Jon and the Cranfields for their panniers and advice over the last week or so! Wish us luck!! And don’t forget to sponsor us:

Dom and Cozzie x

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