A little update (quite overdue…!)

So, we’ve been distracted a little by life over the last month, so many of you have had a nice little reprieve from the Helping Hearts 2013 campaigning front!  We are long overdue to publish our Three Peaks Challenge report (we promise this will be up within the next week) but have recently written our report on the London to Brighton bike ride if you fancy having a perusal.  This was not one of our official challenges, but was a good long practice ride for the imminent arrival of Challenge No 6…

…We start cycling to Paris in one week’s time!  Some final logistical details are still being smoothed over, but we start by cycling around 100 miles (160k) from Bristol down to Portsmouth next Wednesday (10th July).  We’re then on the overnight ferry to Le Havre, before spending Thursday and Friday making our way up to Paris (something like 200k).  If anything, this will be a nice little holiday for us (not everyone’s idea of a holiday, we know!) so fingers crossed for some pleasant cycling weather please!

Then it’s just a couple of weeks before Challenge No 7 presents itself – the 24 hour team running event, TR24, which we’re much looking forward too (even if our recent focus has been less about running, more about cycling, we’re still feeling confidently fit enough to complete it!)

In the midst of this we’ll be organising our Hadrian’s wall walk (Challenge No 8 at the end of August) so do let us know if you want to join us for any part of it.

And we’ve finally had notice that our team of half marathon places are confirmed, so we’ll do a separate piece introducing our super dooper Bristol half marathon team – all 17 of us – now that it is just over 10 weeks until Challenge No 9!

On a sadder note, Cozzie had her last official swimming lesson last week 😦 But fear not, the swimming will continue on a weekly basis, just not in an official ‘lesson’ capacity! Her swimming instructor, Gareth, has been fab and tolerant whilst she’s monopolised his time on some of those Tuesday night sessions!

Finally, thanks to everyone for their continued support and lovely messages, as well as some very generous donations lately – this is what it’s all been about and we (Dom, Cozzie, Dennis & Elf, and Southmead Hospital) really want to say THANKS again to everyone!


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