Calling all keen cyclists!

So we’ve recovered from the very successful Three Peaks last week, and are starting to get used to life without daily cake consumption – it was a very real reminder about how good life is outdoors and how restricting an office job can be! Our full report and photos will be finalised and up in the next day or two.

Challenge #6 is almost upon us – cycling from Bristol to Paris during the week starting 8th July, please let us know this week if you want to join. We want to start from Bristol but know that some have shown interest in starting from London so could plan to meet up somewhere early on. Routes and accommodation and ferry/eurostar return journeys are being looked at this week so sing out if you’re keen ( and we’ll email you the details. We have a practise ride this time next week – doing London to Brighton bike ride with Jon Spratley so that will be a good test of how comfy our bike saddles are (or not!)

In the meantime, our team mates for Challenge #7 (TR24 – 24 hour team running race), Dan & Grace are putting us to shame this weekend by doing a 24 hour running race as a pair, so are super dooper uber fit – hope its going well today guys!

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