Boom! Thanks to you, Helping Hearts has hit a MASSIVE milestone!

Hello everyone!

So, after three challenges, countless days of training in the cold and endless days of mind-numbing, will-sapping negotiations with a well-known high street store to buy a bike, we have some great news. Thanks to all you lovely, deep-pocketed people out there, Helping Hearts has now raised more than £1,000 – £1,024, to be precise, as of Friday morning.

Awesome! We can’t thank you all enough – because of your generosity the coronary care and cardiology units at Southmead Hospital can now buy five new portable, manual sphygmomanometers (I know, I know – a blood pressure machine, to you and me…), eight mobile drip stands, 100 drinking beakers if they fancy it, or even 400 tubes of toothpaste… Your donations will make a world of difference to people with heart disease in Bristol, so give yourselves a massive pat on the back. And if you’re feeling like you need an extra big back-slap of gratitude, sit back and enjoy Cozzie’s little dance after the Bristol 10k, below:

My more sedate, explanatory and slightly my sober overview of the race is now on our challenge report page, here, and a few more pics from the race at Bristol 10k photos.

If you’re thinking of donating and haven’t quite gotten around to it yet, now is as good a time as any! We’ve even got a handy link for you – just click HERE!

And if you’re wondering why on earth you should sponsor us, have a little read about our latest challenge, number four – the Eton Dorney supersprint, our very first triathlon! There’ll be another blog on it later, so stay tuned and thanks again!

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