T-36 hours and Cozzie’s already eating… Haribo

So, it’s T minus 36 hours from our third challenge, the Bristol 10k, and Cozzie’s already shovelling food into her mouth, hiding behind the pitiful excuse of carb-loading. It’s funny, she seems to use that one a hell of a lot…

I’ve done the Bristol 10k five times now and it’s one of my favourite races, partly because Bristol is the best city in the world (up there with Christchurch in NZ, for all you Kiwis…!). It’s an amazing course, passing by the ss Great Britain, under the Suspension Bridge, and even past the old Bristol Gaol – and it’s flat all the way around, making it ideal for a PB attempt.

But it’s the people that make it so fantastic – the 10,000 or so runners next to you, each aiming for a massive personal goal, and the crowds cheering you on all the way round, screaming and shouting and waving banners along the entire route, giving you that final oomph to get your over the line. This year we’ll have added poignancy of a 30 second silence just before the gun in memory of those injured and killed at the Boston marathon, and Bristol will no doubt do itself proud.

So, we were considering running in fancy dress, but I think it might be a little too soon after breakfast for the good people of Bristol to see me in a mankini, so we’re giving it a miss.

Dom and Fatty Boom Boom after the 2010 Bristol 10k

Dom and Fatty Boom Boom Dave Marsden after the 2010 Bristol 10k

On Sunday we’re running with Dave Marsden – the big man himself – and Si Trebble, who is trying to complete one half of a magnificent double challenge of sub-40 minutes for the 10k (that is seriously fast…) and sub-40 minutes for 10k on the rowing machine (which is unbelievably tough, let me tell you). Davey G and his brother Rob are also taking part in what seems to be a new-found love of running for them both, and Ethna and Kay, who are in our half marathon team, are going to show us how it’s done, so good luck to everyone involved.

So, it would be awesome if anyone wants to come down to support us – the gun goes at 9.30am and we’ll hit the finish at… well, some time on Sunday. We’re also having a bit of food on the Downs opposite the water tower at 1.30, if anyone wants to join us.  You’ll also be able to find our race report on Sunday or Monday under the challenges section of the website.

Oh, and check US out – Helping Hearts has hit the big time – we were in the Bristol Post today, my alma mater – read our story here: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/s-time/story-18878913-detail/story.html

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