Cozzie’s swimming progress – beyond the drowning stage!

A while ago we decided that a triathlon was going to be one of our challenges this year, and we signed up to the Human Race super sprint at Eton Dorney at the end of May. The swimming part of it was always going to be quite a challenge for me, given that I haven’t really swum at all since some time in the 1990s and generally just don’t go in the water – it has to be blisteringly hot, and well, it hasn’t been for quite some time…  So, I took the plunge (sorry) and actually started some swimming lessons back at the start of March.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that it is going well! Yesterday I managed to swim 1,000 metres – the longest distance yet!

I’ve been trying to swim a couple of times a week recently, and while it was a damn struggle at the start – my confidence levels were on a quite a roller coaster – it’s all finally starting to stick.  I randomly started with breast-stroke first and it turns out my technique was ALL wrong – I wasn’t really putting my head into the water and my legs weren’t kicking in the right way, but after some patient advice from my Tuesday night instructor, it’s all going much better (I’m now going through the motions in the right order of ‘pull, breathe, kick, glide’ through each stroke)

Then 2 weeks ago, I gave freestyle/overarm (NZ)/front crawl (UK) a go. This is the stroke that is going to work best in a triathlon as it is the faster technique, so this will be my focus over the next 3 weeks.

We only have to swim 400m on the day, which doesn’t sound like much, but for a novice swimmer like me, it’s actually going to be a real accomplishment (hopefully) on the day.  I am absolutely going in with the expectation that I will be last out of the water (it’s my first time after all), but it will certainly (hopefully) be the discipline I’ll be most proud of completing.

Right, time for another swimming lesson…

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One Response to Cozzie’s swimming progress – beyond the drowning stage!

  1. Katherine says:

    They call it a ‘front crawl’ in the UK!? That is so strange! Good on you doing a km in the pool! Wow – impressive! You’ll manage 400m no worries! I’m with you; it has to be well into the 30’s for me to get into the water!!

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