New Zealand’s next top model….? Or is Cozzie going for the cover of Vogue?!

Move over, Kate Moss, on your bike, Cara Delevigne, jog on, Miranda Kerr – there’s a hot new model in town who’s ready to be crowned queen of the catwalk…

Or should that perhaps be queen of the treadmill, instead?

Last month we bought some new running shoes from the brand spanking new shoe fit lab at Moti in Bristol. After picking out some fancy trainers we had our running gait analysed. This involved running on Moti’s treadmill in our current shoes and having it videoed. Martin, Moti’s manager, then looked at how our feet landed, where they were in relation to our knees and hips and what happened to them when we went through our running stride.

Well, Martin sure knows his stuff. Dom’s video analysis showed that he was landing well in his current shoes and had ‘the perfect straight line’ from ankle up to his big butt hips.  After much faffing and alternating between a couple of pairs of neutral shoes, he decided to buy some brand spanking new ASICS shoes.

New Zealand's next top model...?

New Zealand’s next top model…?

It turns out that Cozzie’s running style is not quite so ‘perfect’.  Her right leg crosses over in front of her left leg a bit when it lands – which is apparently quite common among females because we grow up watching models strutting around…  Those who know Cozzie are well aware that she likes a good dose of EastEnders, but is hardly up to date with the latest fashion trends – let alone watching any catwalk shows!

But having had her ego nicely massaged she has embraced her new ‘model’ tag and is contemplating entering New Zealand’s next top model for challenge  number 13… (that WOULD be a challenge – Dom).

While she waits for the call from Storm model agency, she’ll be running in the 10k in Bristol on May 5 – but in her nice fancy new running shoes, not her heels…

If you’re thinking of buying some new running shoes, it’s definitely worth having your running gait analysed so you know exactly what’s most suitable for your feet and running style. For more advice, head on down to Moti and have a chat with Martin or his staff, or  visit

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2 Responses to New Zealand’s next top model….? Or is Cozzie going for the cover of Vogue?!

  1. Katherine says:

    Those blue shoes are sooo cute! Maybe Dom should be wearing them in your next race?!

  2. Barbara Cosgrove says:

    You’re certainly looking like a model Rach ….skinny minny!! xxooxx

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