Mulling over a marathon… and fishnet tights

So, it was the London marathon today, and man, did we watch on with envy! The atmosphere looked AMAZING and the added poignancy of the Boston marathon bombing sure seemed to spur everyone on.

I ran the Edinburgh marathon back in 2008, and since then have always wanted to do one of the bigger ones.  Five years later I still haven’t gotten around to it but the desire is definitely still there, more so after seeing the achievements today!

There were a couple of things I’d do differently for the next marathon – particularly in terms of training. The longest run I did ahead of Edinburgh was around about 30km and I would definitely definitely do a longer training run ahead of the next marathon.   What this meant was that on the day, everything after 30km was a new challenge – I genuinely had not run that far before so my body wasn’t prepared for it. And at the point where 30km was under my belt, but with another 12km to go, the finish line looked pretty distant! I hit the inevitable ‘wall’ and had to walk for a little and then the rest was a struggle.

In training for another marathon I would also do more hill and speed sessions. Pushing your body in different ways in training keeps it adapting and progressing, and it provides a nice bit of variety. But the added benefit of more interval training helps bolster lactic acid tolerance levels – the ability to push past the ‘wall’.

But doing one of the big city marathons brings with it the support of the huge crowd, which was lacking a little in some parts of the long coastal run that was Edinburgh (my super dooper kiwi support crew not withstanding of course, they were BRILLIANT!). Entry for London 2014 opens a week tomorrow, on 29th April, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be trying to get a place – who else wants to join us…?

Finally, what was also inspiring watching the participants in today’s London marathon, was that aside from the whole array of ages, sizes, and abilities of people taking part – from runners in their 80’s to paratroopers carrying full kit – were the crazy costumes that people chose to run in – certainly making it a memorable run, and one way to stand out from the 35,000 other runners….

Which begs the question, should Dom and I pull out some kind of costume for the Bristol 10k in two weekends time??? Any requests of what to wear – or what NOT to wear?! Dom in fishnets, anyone??!

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2 Responses to Mulling over a marathon… and fishnet tights

  1. Jess says:

    Genius-I think you should run as two halves of a heart…will do some research!

  2. Katherine says:

    It was so awesome seeing you do the edinburgh marathon coz!! Great times 🙂

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