Attempted Challenge No 2

So, the Forest of Dean half marathon was postponed yesterday… I’m not surprised given the snow on the course, you can see a couple of pics here:

It wouldn’t have been much fun running in that, so we can understand why the organisers had to play it safe and postpone the race.

However, we were mentally prepared for a Sunday race, and had indulged in some carb-loading on Saturday (we love carb-loading!), so it would have been a shame to waste those chocolate calories. Luckily at the last minute we managed to find a 15k cross country run at Ashton Court in Bristol to enter instead.  But man, it was colder than the aptly named Iceman challenge in January – rumours of a temperature of -4 were circulating!

We’re still waiting to hear when the Forest of Dean half is being rearranged for, so hopefully we’ll  be able to make the rearranged date, but we have a busy schedule so we’re not yet sure. Nevertheless, there will be a full race report from our 15k yesterday that we’ll post under the challenges section of the website in the next few days, alongside a few lovely running pics!

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