Man down, so it’s best foot forward for Challenge No 2!

Oh dear. Just days before Challenge No 2 – the Forest of Dean half marathon – we have injury woes that would give Irish coach Declan Kidney the heebie-jeebies.

Jamie Cranfield, our fellow half-marathoner, pace-setter and running icon extraordinaire has gone and broken his foot. Cuboid avulsion fracture, apparently. I’ve seen the X-ray and it just looks like a foot to me.  Stood on a hockey ball, apparently, though he might claim he was charging down a short-corner shot like a dragoon in the Charge of the Light Brigade. SOME might say that this Westbury-reject, Firebrands fop was just a wee bit scared of the half-marathon opposition, but I couldn’t possibly attest to that. I’VE got a bruised heel, but you wouldn’t see me complaining… However, Lady C (the squire’s fine lady friend) is delighted that she’s guaranteed at least third spot out of the now Harris-Cosgrove-Cranfield triumvirate, so every cloud… Jamie, get better soon – no drunken dancing on the broken foot and get yourself fixed for next season.

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