Find your own “Mobot” – and see Dom run dressed as a nurse…

Well, our team for the flagship Helping Hearts challenge, the Bristol half marathon on September 15, is swelling after some splendid people stuck their hands up to join us. We’ve got a brilliant team of runners for the day, but we want to make it even bigger and better.

YOU can help with that. Come and join us on the starting line, pretend you’re Mo, Bolt or Ennis (I’d recommend Mo – I don’t know that Usain would get around a half marathon too quickly…) and write your own place in history. And help us raise a shed-load of money for Southmead Hospital so they can save the lives of even more people with heart problems.

There is still time to join us – we’ve got free places (it would otherwise cost £37 to enter) if you can raise £100 for Helping Hearts. £100, in six months. That’s just four quid a week you have to raise – about the equivalent of the cost of a pint and a half a week – or less than that, now George Osborne has slashed beer duty! We need to know BY MONDAY – NEXT MONDAY, MARCH 25, so we can guarantee you a free place.

If you’ve never run that far before, fear not. It sounds like it might be a long way, but I promise you it’s manageable. If I can do it, you certainly can, and the feeling when you’ve crossed the line is like winning your own Olympic gold. And if you’re still not convinced, I’m considering running it dressed as a nurse (that’s intended to entice you to sign up, not put you off…)

If you fancy it, please let us know – email us, text us, log on to our website and comment on our blog, or you can even go old skool and call us.

And if you still don’t fancy it, please, forward this email to your friends, enemies, parents, children, bosses, grandparents, workmates or tell the postie – anyone and everyone is welcome!

Thanks everyone, your help makes the world of difference.

Dom and Cozzie

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