Need inspiration? A couple of recommendations from HelpingHearts2013

While there is no shortage of inspirational sports men and women after the Olympic celebrations of last year, I wanted to share a couple of recent motivational sources that we’ve found really useful:

  1. Chrissie Wellington: Ironwoman LEGEND. Chrissie was a late starter of triathlon, but went on to become 4 time Ironman champion (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011). She’s recently announced her retirement, but her book ‘A life without limits’ is a captivating read and showcases her mental strength and determination that she applies to all aspects of her life. This is not the sort of book you’ll only read once – both Dom and I can see ourselves re-reading it plenty of times in the future.
  2. Richie McCaw: Yes, I’m a Kiwi girl, yes I’m biased, yes I love him, but read his autobiography ‘The Real McCaw’ to get a fascinating peak inside the mind of this All Blacks legend. From those bloody lows of the RWC quarter final of 2007, to that magical day when he lifted the William Webb Ellis trophy high above his head in 2011 – see how a bit of grit, determination and steely focus can bring success.
  3. Dom’s latest obsession is the Ironman channel on Youtube. You can watch Ironman accomplishments from across the world – from the pros to the amateurs, and realise that anybody, yes anybody, could set their minds to it and do this. Could it become our 13th challenge?? (Disclaimer. What the hell? Unlikely at this stage, but who knows what we might look to do after this year….)

Yes, while the top two are professional athletes, both books provide lessons that we can all apply to our own goals, sporting or otherwise.  Enjoy!

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