Super Saturday

So, our 4th challenge of the year is the Eton Dorney triathlon in May.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, swimming is not my forte, but today I had a triathlon training session in the gym instead – a 20k bike ride, followed by 5 k run. It was tough work, and man my legs were jelly on the treadmill for the first 300m or so, but in the end I think it was a good effort (20k cycle in 40:55, and a 5k run in 26:18) – at least if I’m last out of the swim, I might be able to make up some time on dry land??!

And now for that important training element called recovery – I’ll be on the couch watching Super Six Nations Saturday for the rest of the day!


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One Response to Super Saturday

  1. Loving your blog Rach and Dom!! You’re doing great and the website’s awesome! Just finished reading it all, and I must say I’m very impressed and proud of you both! All the best for the half marathon this coming weekend, will be thinking of you both. Good luck and I’m sure if you’ve done your preparation you’ll both do very well! Luv, Mum xxooxx

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