Why are treadmills such hard work?!

This weekend we’ve had the first serious snow of winter… but we needed to be training together! Not ones to shy away from  hard work (and feeling motivated and carb-loaded after a relaxing Christmas break!) we were determined to knock out 10-12k today, come rain, hail, or snow!

Cozzie profile

I’m not running in this…

However, we made the (probably sensible) decision to forego the slippery conditions outside – after I stacked it outside our house – and head to the warmth of the gym for a treadmill session instead.

Now Dom will often tell me how he does not enjoy running, but he nailed it today, ran a gruelling and very boring 12k on the treadmill in around 63 minutes. The aim was to get miles under his belt, rather than hit a particular time. GREAT WORK!

I didn’t fare quite so well – while I’m a comfortable runner outside, I couldn’t get past the boredom factor on the treadmill today and when I had to stop after 30 minutes to roll up my running tights to try to cool down a little I really struggled to get back in the groove. What I learned today is that my biggest barrier is probably in my head. It really is mind over matter sometimes. My head space spiralled downhill after that pause at 30minutes, I was not feeling particularly positive about my progress and I ended up slowing my pace down by quite a lot. I toyed with just stopping and going to do some ab work, to just plodding and making it to 10k, and everything in between. In the end I made the 10k mark (in around 55minutes – I was beating myself up still about this progress but in hindsight it was still ok!) and ended up stopping when Dom reached his 12k milestone – I fell short at only around 10.87k in c.61 minutes.  Not bad at the end of the day, but mentally I wasn’t impressed with myself at the time.

As Dom said, at least I got back on the treadmill after 30 minutes, and if there is anything to take out of today, it’s that I somehow need to learn to channel my negative emotions in a more positive way with my training – hmm, easier said than done I suspect!

Needless to say, we’ve been absolutely wiped out this afternoon! Both of us felt treadmill running was a lot more difficult than running outdoors – but at least we’ve gotten through our first of many training sessions this year!


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