A week to the Iceman – Challenge 1

So, it’s just a week to go until our very first HelpingHearts event – the Iceman, a 16km off-road trail race through the Deepcut army barracks at Frimley in Surrey. Cozzie and I are both runners more than anything else, so we wanted to break HelpingHearts in with something that we were fairly confident we could actually finish…

The Iceman is a bit different from the 10k or half marathon type of races we’ve been used to. It’s off-road, and we’ve been told to expect lots of mud, snow, slush and ice, so it will throw up a whole load of challenges we’re not used to. But what I’m really looking forward to is that it’s a trail race – through woods, up and down steep hills, and out in the countryside – not your usual road race where you’re banging away on pavements trying to set a personal best.Dom

It’s also nice that it’s going to be a fairly small field of runners, and that there are no distance markers, so you’re just running for the enjoyment of being out in the fresh air (and cold!) on a Saturday morning.

We’ve trained fairly well so far, so hopefully it will all come together on the day. The only thing I’m really worried about is the weather forecast – it’s meant to be snowy and icy, which means it could be hell under-foot, and we’re running in old trainers… I’ve bought some snow shoes for us just in case things are bad and we need them!

If you want to find out more about the Iceman event, have a look at http://www.humanrace.co.uk  It’s the third in series of off-road races held by Human Race, which run dozens of awesome events throughout the year all over the country, from triathlons and half marathons to cycling sportives and open water swims.

To find out how we get on, click on the Iceman link under the Challenges section this time next week. Unless I’m too tired and broken to type… Dom

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