Welcome to the Helping Hearts Challenge!

Dom and Cozzie

This is it… welcome to Helping Hearts 2013, Dom and Cozzie’s year of fundraising challenges to raise money for the coronary care and cardiology wards at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Over the next 12 months we’ll be taking on 12 challenges – and an extra one each for luck. We’ll be running, biking, swimming and climbing our way across the UK and beyond. We’ll be doing 10k races, off-road runs, cross-country treks, long-distance bike rides and hopefully a marathon along our way. It’s going to be a hard slog, especially the training during the dark, cold winter months, but will hopefully be a lot of fun as well.

So please, get involved with what we’re doing. Pick a challenge or two from the list and come and join us. Follow our blog to find out the latest on how we’re getting on and leave your own messages. Take a look at our photos and videos, read about training tips and health advice in our Healthy Hearts section, and have a look at Behind the Cause to find out why we’re doing this.

Most of all, please, at some point over the year, dip into your pockets and sponsor us. Visit http://www.justgiving.com/helpinghearts2013

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