Helping Hearts 2013

He was a medical miracle. My dad, Dennis Harris, had – we think – 12 heart attacks over 21 years, leading to a quadruple heart bypass, countless other operations and more weeks and months in hospital than any of us can remember. Yet he still made it to his 80th birthday on September 11 last year, only sadly to pass away a few weeks later from cancer.


That he lived for so long, despite such major heart problems, is without question down to the paramedics, doctors, surgeons and nursing staff in Bristol – at Southmead and Frenchay hospitals, and the Bristol Royal Infirmary – people who not only saved his life on many occasions, but also showed him the greatest kindness and care imaginable.

So now it’s time to give something back, to say thank you.

Helping Hearts 2013 logoWelcome to the Helping Hearts Challenge – Dom and Cozzie’s series of adventurous challenges to raise money for the coronary care and cardiology units at Southmead Hospital, a place where love, kindness and a little touch of medical magic give people their lives back.

Join us as we run, cycle, swim and climb throughout the UK and beyond.

Take part in challenges with us and get your friends, family and work to sponsor you as you join in with Helping Hearts. And please, dip into your pockets yourselves to make sure other people with heart disease get a second, third or even twelfth chance at life.

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